Fotografía del Profesor

James “Jay” Seese

James “Jay” Seese


Jay has worked extensively within Combat Profiling and the Combat Profiling Program of Instruction (POI) and the USJFCOM’s Border Hunter Program of Instruction (POI). Jay worked with the US Marine Corp’s highly successful Combat Hunter program, which had a dramatic impact on the success rate of missions during a very tenuous timeframe in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Jay has trained Rangers and Anti-Poaching units within South Africa and completed courses of instruction at the South African Wildlife College. Jay has completed multiple iterations in training (Marines/Army) and Drug Task force teams within Columbia as well as Saudi Arabia.

As a recognized subject matter expert, Jay has worked with numerous programs to include; Combat Profiling, Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis (HBPR&A) Irregular Warfare, Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT), Special Operational Forces Advanced Situational Awareness Training (SOFSAT), Maritime Situational Awareness Training (MASAT) and Insider-Threat Situational Awareness Training (IT-SAT). Jay was a Senior-Team Lead Instructor for the 5-day and 10-Day user and operator’s courses and the 22-day T3 (Train the Trainer) Course with duties that included scenario development, range application, rural and urban integration, advanced tactical operations, and advanced optics integration. Jay has taught Special Operation Forces Situational Awareness (SOFSAT) to Naval Special Warfare (NSW), US Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). In 2012 and 2013 Jay served as a Team Leader in Afghanistan for multiple deployments, traveling and conducting training for U.S. and coalition forces, theater wide.

Jay has worked 20 years within the law enforcement community with 14 years of undercover/plainclothes operations and investigations. Jay worked City/State/Federal task force groups in an undercover capacity that included operations within DEA/ATF and multiple DOJ agencies. Jay has been a Senior Instructor for 8 years with an “unnamed” program to instruct and conduct covert-urban operations, surveillance and counter surveillance techniques. Jay is a 5 Year US Army veteran serving with the Military Police Quick Reaction Force (QRF), with multiple combat deployments. Jay Seese is a Partner/Co-founder of Six Layer Concepts & Consulting LLC. Jay holds an Active Secret Security Clearance.